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Zwift Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Posted November 20, 2015 09:12PM by Skye in the Zwift Riders Forum

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A lot of new Zwift riders seem to ask the same questions, so I've tried to compile some of the common answers in this post. This will be continually updated as I gather more questions! Thanks and ride on!

How do I choose which course to race?

You can't, currently. You either ride Watopia or Richmond depending on the day of the week. The course schedule is here:


How do I find/join a group ride or race?

Check the Zwift Event Calendar and read the instructions for the event. The event info usually includes the watts/kg you'll have to maintain to keep up, the number of laps, naming/tagging requirements, which direction and where to start, leader, and any jersey requirements for the group.


How do I turn around/ride in reverse?

Press the down key on your keyboard, or press and hold the U-turn button on the mobile app.

How do I change my name (eg for a group ride)?

You can edit your name by stopping riding to get the Pause screen in game, or by clicking the return arrow in the bottom-left hand corner. Click on the pencil to edit your name. You can also change your name from your Zwift dashboard.

Please note that you will need to log out & log in again to see your changed name in the game. Hopefully this bug will be fixed soon.

Where can I find a list of the workouts that are currently available?

Check out the Zwift Beta Workouts List at stronglikeox

How do I upload Zwift activities to Training Peaks / Golden Cheetah / Cycling Analytics / etc?

Zwift stores a record of all your rides in Garmin .FIT format in the My Documents\Zwift\Activities folder on PC, or ~/Documents/Zwift/Activities folder on Mac. You can upload the .FIT file to almost any fitness or training tracking service.

You can also download the .FIT files for your activities from your Zwift dashboard.

How do I set up Zwift and TrainerRoad to run at the same time?

Watch the following video for instructions.

Please note that the video shows two 30-pin iPhone Ant+ dongles, but what you need is two USB Ant+ dongles.
Basically, you use TrainerRoad's "Trainer Relay" feature to re-broadcast your power data to Zwift.

I recommend the Suunto Movestick Mini USB Ant+ adapter, it's worked flawlessly on my PCs, Macs, and with every Ant+ device I own. It works even better with a USB extender cable, as interference generated by your computer can reduce the range and cause signal dropouts.

How do I talk with other riders?

Most riders use TeamSpeak at ts21.gameservers.com:9149
Video explaining how to use TeamSpeak (TS):

How do I report a bug?

Create a tech support ticket here: https://support.zwift.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

If you want to submit a feature request, those go here: https://support.zwift.com/hc/en-us/community/topics/200166935-Feature-Requests

How do I get the Tron bike?

The glowing neon bike is a reward for completing 50,000m of climbing in the "Everest challenge". Completing the challenge unlocks the Trek Emonda bike and resets the counter from 29,xxx to 16,xxx, so that's a good start. It's not easy!!

Your question isn't answered above?

The Unofficial Zwift User Manual by TitaniumGeek is very comprehensive!

The Official Zwift FAQs also contain lots of answers to common tech support issues.

Zwift keyboard shortcuts list

Keys # 1 to 9 = change views (camera angle)
Key # 0 = brings camera to a panoramic view (of currently selected view)
U = toggle units from metric to imperial
L = Locks/logs out of Zwift
ESC = Exit the ride (will prompt to save)
Hitting the big X (top corner) = exits the ride (will also prompt to save)
T = change gear / setup during a ride
M = send message (will disappear after 10 seconds)
A = Ant+ setup
E = bring up the workout window (click "create your own" at bottom to create custom workout)
P = enter promo code to unlock gear or kit
Spacebar = use Power Ups (PU)
Clicking on any rider in the rider list = camera will jump to that rider and camera angle will change after every few seconds. Will also see current top 5 lists for Green, Orange and Polka Dot jerseys.
F1 = Elbow flick
F2 = Wave
F3 to F9 = various sounds
F10 = take a picture / snapshot
Down Arrow = ride in the reverse direction (not available on Richmond course)
Left/Right Arrow = change turn direction before intersection
Tab = (during workout) jump for the next step i.e. rest, effort or cool down

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