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Forum Rules - Please Read

Posted March 06, 2015 05:50PM by Skye in the Announcements

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Forum Rules - Please Read Before Posting

Welcome to the Staminist Forums!

Please take a minute to read through this document. In addition, links to read this website's Terms & Conditions, Acceptable Use Policy (of which these rules form a part), and Privacy Policy are available at the bottom of every page.

Staminist Forum Rules

1. If you're new to this website, it's a good idea to read a few topics first, to get to know the features and nature of the Forums. Try doing a Forum Search before asking a question, there's a good chance your question has been asked before. Post an introduction in one of the Welcome sticky posts and tell us a little about yourself.

2. Provide a subject that clearly describes the content of your topic. Don't type in ALL CAPS. Please try to use correct spelling and grammar. If you're asking for help with your bicycle, skis, or other equipment, include details such as model, year, and anything else that is relevant to the question. Attach a photo to illustrate your question when possible. Do a little research on the gear manufacturer's website and with Google. You can put details about the equipment you use in your Forum Signature, which will appear below all your posts, from the Settings page. Our members are clever, but not mind readers!

3. Be nice to each other and respect the moderators. The occasional heated debate is OK, but profanity, racism, sexism, and personal attacks will not be tolerated. If you see an offensive post, click Report below a post to flag it for moderator review. If you can't get along with someone, take the high road and don't engage them in discussion. Flame baiting and trolling will result in thread closure or deletion without warning and may result in account suspension. Civil discussion is expected at all times. Remember that there are people of all ages, genders, opinions, nations, creeds, races, and politics on this board, and all are welcome (provided they follow the rules). You're welcome to your views, but please respect that the views of others may be different.

4. Businesses and dealers may not advertise or sell items or services on this website. You are considered a business if you are employed by a company whose primary business is sports equipment, or if you earn a substantial portion of your income from selling sports equipment or sports related services. At some point in the future, we may add the ability to purchase advertising on this website, but until such time, commercial interests are not allowed under any circumstances.

5. Your real first name is required in your Account Profile. If you wouldn't post something with your real name attached, it probably shouldn't be posted at all. You can provide your full name in your profile if you choose, but keep in mind your profile and posts will be visible to Google and other search engines.

6. All politics are banned from this website including posts, avatars, and signatures. For more information, please read the Off Topic Forum Rules. Pornographic images, links, and avatars are prohibited, this is an all-genders and all-ages website. Links to illegal or copyrighted material are also prohibited.

7. If a sub-forum has it's own Rules sticky post, please read it before posting. Don't cross-post the same content across multiple forums. You can "bump" a topic once every 3 days.

If you have any questions or comments about the website, there's a link to email the webmaster at the bottom of every page, or you can post in the Suggestion Box. If you send an email, please make sure to include your username, a link to the page in question, or a description of the action you were undertaking (whichever is relevant) to help us investigate further.

Posts in this forum can be formatted with BBCode Markup either by using the buttons in the editor toolbar, or typing the markup tags directly in your post. We've added lots of extensions to this website that allow you to embed all kinds of media and activity information using BBCode tags.

Due to a large number of copyright lawsuits filed by Righthaven LLC, quoting from the following publications owned by MediaNews Group, WEHCO Media & Stephens Media is not allowed on the forums and will be subject to immediate removal:

Thanks for participating in our community!!!


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