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Off Topic Rules - Please Read First

Posted March 10, 2015 03:17PM by Skye in the Off Topic Forum

Skye Skye Nott
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Welcome to the Staminist Off Topic Forum!

Here you can talk about topics not directly related to endurance sports or topics that don't belong in one of the other forums. You can talk about anything from travel, electronics, games, other kinds of sports, music, home & garage building, or any other kind of hobby.

As per the Forum Rules, civil discussion is required at all times. That means no personal attacks, insults, pornography, racism, or sexism. Keep in mind that people from all parts of the world and walks of life visit this website. I'm not trying to be the P.C. Police, but please use your common sense. Trolling will not be tolerated. No links to illegal or copyrighted material, either.

The second rule is no politics whatsoever. I've tried many, many times on other websites to moderate political discussion but it's always a disaster, ending up in bad feelings & screaming matches between a few entrenched viewpoints. In the end, politics adds nothing of value to a website about endurance sports, so I'm going to just disallow it from the beginning. If you want to talk politics, there are many many other places to do so. Try the comments section of any news website.

Obviously, many topics have a political component (bike lanes, zoning, laws, etc). But please try to frame issues without characterizing it in a "left vs right" way that is so divisive and instantly negates any kind of thoughtful discussion. Topics that go off the rails will be locked or deleted without warning at the moderator's discretion.

If you're new to Staminist, or haven't read the Forum Rules for a while, they're posted at the top of every forum:

Staminist Forum Rules

So, with all that in mind, feel free to jump in and click Start New Topic above!

Skye Nott

Webmaster - Staminist.com

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