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Custom Workouts!

Posted December 14, 2015 02:47PM by MLorentsson in the Zwift Riders Forum
Custom Workouts!

MLorentsson Michael
Location: Sweden
Joined: 8 years ago   Posts: 3

What a good news this was!

The one thing I been missing in Zwift at this point, and it is very easy to use and get going.

This was the end of my Bkool supscription, it has served me well the past two years but now it is time to choose and I will go for Zwift.


Skye Skye Nott
@TheStaminist   5880115
Location: Vancouver, Canada
Joined: 9 years ago   Posts: 542

That's great! I've been pretty happy with the built-in workout selection (I'm mostly just doing FTP over/unders and Sweet Spot over/unders with a little sprint work in the off season) but this just adds to the selections available. I hope they will include the ability to share and browse other user's workouts as well, so that other people can do the hard work of creating profiles for things like the Sufferfest videos.

Here's the email I got from Zwift this morning:

You asked for it, you got it. Our long awaited Workout Editor is here! Workout Editor allows you to quickly create your own structured workout using an easy drag and drop interface.

STEP 1 - From the Select Your Workout screen, click on 'create your own' and follow the on screen prompts to build your custom workout.

STEP 2 - Drag and drop the blocks you want to build the workout, add a description, workout name and any tags.

STEP 3 - Save and your workout will be available to select from your Custom Workouts menu.

If you're not up to the task of creating a complete workout, we've made it possible for you to "remix" an existing workout just as quickly and easily. Click on the 'Copy' icon next to any workout to edit it and make it your own.

Your indoor cycling workouts just got better.

Ride On.
The Team at Zwift

Webmaster - Staminist.com


zwift-custom-workout-1.jpg 31.4 KB open | download
zwift-custom-workout-2.jpg 26.6 KB open | download
zwift-custom-workout-3.jpg 32.3 KB open | download
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