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Zwift Juniors first practice Friday 4pm EST

Posted November 26, 2015 04:56PM by Skye in the Zwift Riders Forum

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Just posted in the Zwift Juniors group...

Our first practice will be 4pm EST on Friday and we will ride for an hour. There will be two groups the first one will be the senior group consisting of 14-19 and five minutes later the youth group will go off consisting of all riders 13 and under. More information will be posted tomorrow.

In practice Friday we will ride an easy warm up until we reach the beginning of the KOM which will be a hard effort. Next we will drop into a moderate pace until the sprint which will be all out. Finally we will ride moderate until the clock showing your time in the orange GC pops up and that again will be a long hard sprint for the line. We will repeat this until we reach an hour.We will meet up just before the start line please wear the Basic 3 kit and type the corresponding letters after your last name ZJR-S if you are a senior or ZJR-Y if you are a youth. Cant wait to ride with you guys!

Additional ride information listed in the Zwift Events Calendar (just click "More" next to the event)

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