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Class discussion - "what is endurance?"

Posted August 27, 2017 08:05PM by MrJamis in the Triathlon Forum

MrJamis Rootem
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I'm an instructor for a college level introductory class to endurance coaching. I'm planning to create a small groups discussion about endurance. I'm hoping to create a student sense about what is endurance and the large spectrum of endurance. I have come up with a few thought provoking questions for this intro level class, but I would appreciate if there are any questions you can add and inspire???

Example questions:
• Come up with the largest vocabulary of words/phrases you can associate with endurance? (pushing through, survival, stamina…)
• Is endurance more of a physiological or mental capacity? pick a side and argue for/against
• How would you measure endurance? Is that "measure" valid across the whole spectrum of endurance sports?
• How do you best define endurance?

Thank you!
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