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Cross Training Heart Rate Zones

Posted August 03, 2015 05:59PM by CPTips in the Triathlon Forum

CPTips Richard R.
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Question from a reader - "I will have to travel for a week without my bike. I intend to run three or four times this week. Can I use the same heart rate values I use for cycling for the run and send it to Training Peaks?"

While I am not familiar with this particular training program, I can comment on the question of transferability of heart rate training zones (or HR training goals) between running and cycling. Numerous studies in triathletes help answer the question.

The specific article that answers the question (linked below) is fairly technical (physiologic terminology and abbreviations) but concludes that HR based training zones CANNOT be translated from cycling to running. "...From the results of this study, it is recommended that the triathlete perform sport-specific testing to assess training zones for cycling and running."

Transferability of running and cycling training zones in triathletes: implications for steady-state exercise

It then goes on to suggest that measuring watts of output as a training tool is preferable to HR. "... For this reason, monitoring wattage during steady-state exercise may be more appropriate than monitoring HR and RR."


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