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Homemade front fork stand for indoor trainer

Posted August 09, 2019 02:53PM by Skye in the Cycling Forum

Skye Skye Nott
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Here are some photos of the compact front fork stand I made for my indoor trainer setup. There's nothing wrong with the front wheel riser blocks (I use the Kurt Kinetic one) but this takes up less room, and when I'm done with my session I just undo the quick release and swing my trainer bike up against the wall out of the way.

This cost me almost nothing because I had everything but the bike hitch already. If you are considering going out and buying axle stands just to do this, please do some research there's probably a product out there that would end up being cheaper. That said, the axle stand is nice because it's easy to adjust the height for simulating climbing. It's very stable, I do lots of out-of-the-saddle intervals and some short sprints and always felt solid (with my Kurt Kinetic Road Machine fluid trainer).

Instructions: (photos attached below)

1. Take an axle stand (for a car) and attach a piece of flat metal stock to it. I had an old axle stand that had a hole in the middle, and some aluminum flat bar, so I bolted it through the middle and cranked it down so the aluminum deformed enough so the bolt head was lower and there was a flat surface to drill & bolt the bike hitch (see second photo side shot). Get creative, some superstrut or angle iron stock would also work, even easier if you can get someone to weld it to the axle stand. You just need something to bolt the fork mount to.

2. Attach your fork mount (I bought the cheapest used Delta Bike Hitch I could find on eBay) to whatever metal you attached to the axle stand

3. Cut a piece of plywood to size so the axle stand doesn't mark up your floors. I stuck some felt pads to the bottom for extra protection. You could easily screw the axle stand to the wood if you want extra stability.


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diy front fork stand 1.jpeg 67.5 KB open | download
diy front fork stand 1.jpeg
diy front fork stand 2.jpeg 37.7 KB open | download
diy front fork stand 2.jpeg
diy front fork stand 3.jpeg 49 KB open | download
diy front fork stand 3.jpeg
delta bike hitch.jpg 12.9 KB open | download
delta bike hitch.jpg

kyleiniowa Kyle
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Awesome idea!! Love the ingenuity.

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