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Salazar's 10 Golden Running Rules

Posted March 26, 2015 07:33PM by Skye in the Running Forum

Skye Skye Nott
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Some wisdom from coach and former world record holder Alberto Salazar



In summary:

  1. Train consistently, 4 days a week is good
  2. Recovery is an important part of training
  3. Increase distance gradually, no more than 10% per month
  4. Run on soft surfaces (grass, dirt, chips) as much as possible
  5. Train faster than you want to run in a race
  6. Work out your whole body, including upper body and core
  7. Get the right shoes
  8. Pay attention to form and inefficiencies
  9. Test your limits once in a while
  10. Collect data so you can compare runs over time

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