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Beginner's Guide to Trail Running

Posted April 14, 2015 01:27PM by Skye in the Running Forum

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I'm all about having adventures, and the simplicity of running lends itself perfectly to getting off the pavement and into the woods. While you do have to pay more attention to rocks and roots, I find it makes the time pass much faster and makes a run feel a lot less like a grind. The variation of movement engages more muscle groups, and while there is a higher risk of twisting or falling, it seems less likely to cause repetitive stress injuries. At the very least, it's a fun way to mix up your training routine!

A few tips for trail running:

- Know your route, bring a small map if needed, and tell someone where you're going.
- You will be slower on a trail, splits and pace will vary due to terrain.
- Look ahead and pick your line. Use a high cadence on uphills.
- If your run is over 90 minutes, you should eat every 20-30 minutes. Always stay hydrated.
- Make sure your shoes offer adequate grip, protection, and stability.
- If you're running near dusk, you might want to bring a headlamp just in case.

Comprehensive article by for those who want to get out and hit the trails:

Hit the Dirt Running: A comprehensive beginner's guide to trail running

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