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Starting out

Posted July 05, 2018 08:29AM by Superbobu2 in the Zwift Riders Forum

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I am putting together an indoor trainer. Just picked up the Tacx ironman smart trainer.

Should I use zwift or tacx software. Will zwift be able to calibrate the bike and trainer initially or do I have to use tacx software for that?

I'd like to use zwift with an ipad. Will I Need an adapter for it to talk to the trainer?

My goals are to be able to do different routes and maybe group rides virtually. Do some famous race routes like the tour de france.

Skye Skye Nott
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Looks like the Tacx Ironman Smart Trainer supports Bluetooth Smart so your iPad shouldn't have any problem connecting to it using Zwift or whatever apps Tacx supplies without any additional dongles. The iPad has supported Bluetooth Smart since the 3rd gen.

As far as calibration, check the Tacx manual.

Sorry for the delayed response, I don't ride indoors much in the summer =)


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