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Zwift group ride features coming

Posted November 26, 2015 09:31PM by Skye in the Zwift Riders Forum

Skye Skye Nott
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This just in from the CEO of Zwift commenting on a topic in the Zwift Riders Facebook group...

"More tweaks to drafting coming very soon. Some support for events is coming soon after the holidays. We recognize how important this is already"

Will the "events support" just mean a built in calendar, or the ability to join/leave group rides and races with designated leaders?

Guessing that after the holidays means after Christmas and New Years.

The group rides definitely need a neutralization feature sooner rather than later, as there are lots of people fed up with being dropped from group rides that are advertised as being far lower w/kg than what actually happens. A few heroes go off the front, the leader follows them, and the group is blown apart on the first lap - unless the group has a very strong, vocal leader that keeps everyone reined in.

Drafting fixes will be very welcome, the last update made it very difficult to pass riders once you're in their draft. Not very realistic, and far too much advantage for those drafting - which makes it very difficult to catch up if you get dropped off the back for whatever reason.

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