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Continental Race vs Race Light tubes

Posted April 19, 2018 06:34PM by Skye in the Cycling Forum

Skye Skye Nott
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Got a couple of new ContiTube Race 28 butyl tubes in the mail so I thought I'd throw them on the scale

Continental ContiTube Race 28 (700C) 700x20-25c, 60mm Presta (threaded) ... 104 grams
Continental ContiTube Race 28 (700C) Light 700x20-25c, 80mm Presta (non-threaded) ... 79 grams

Pretty big difference. I thought the 20mm longer stem would have added a fair big of weight, but there's a huge difference in the wall thickness between the Race 28 and the Race 28 Light as you can see in the photo. I'll probably put in the heavier tubes anyway for the added puncture protection, at least for now.


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Continental Race 28 vs Light ContiTube.jpg 54 KB open | download
Continental Race 28 vs Light ContiTube.jpg
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