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GoldenCheetah 3.3 released

Posted December 02, 2015 04:35PM by Skye in the Cycling Forum

Skye Skye Nott
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The best free training analytics software is out with a new version. Loads of new features and fixes!

FE-C support for smart trainers is a big Christmas present for indoor cycling this winter, and Dropbox sync across computers is really handy.


It is available for download from the GoldenCheetah.org website

The user guide and wiki explain the new features.

There is a video tutorial describing the new features.

Major new features

Sync across PCs via Dropbox cloud storage
Sync via local folder, thumb drive, Google mounted drive etc
Added Daniels VDOT and T-Pace tools for Running
User Formulas
Restful API Web-Services for integration with R,Matlab,Orange,Tableau etc
Support FE-C trainer
Monark ERG Support
Support Stryd Power Meter for Running
BSX Insight 2 support
Ambit SML import support
RLV Support, playback to riding speed.
Video Overlays in Train View
SportsPlusHealth upload support
Backup and Autobackup
Better swim workout support incl. lap workouts
SrmRideFile: v9 support (SRM PC8)
Add new language support: Chinese(Traditional)
GPL v3 License

Severe Bugs Fixed

Fix 3DP file import 'hang'
Joule GPS+ import issues
Checkbox metadata fields not saved, ^S save errors
Fix GPU battery drain on Mac OSX
Fix HR > 8 Zone Crash
Fix 'Fix Elevation' SEGV
Fix Interval Search SEGV on High Power
DataProcessor 'Auto' runs on import only
Fix Memory Exhaustion on Mass Import/Sync
Fix SEGV when sharing activity on Strava with no internet
Fix IntervalNavigator SEGV

Minor new features

Delete multiple workouts
Configure CP and FTP separately
FixSmO2: Add a tool to remove anomalies in SmO2 data
Recognise more Garmin devices based on FIT SDK
Fix Freewheeling Tool
Added W'bal Work In Zone Metrics
Add W'bal Zones - Time above CP
Added Autoimport Stealth/Background Mode
TrainMode - Use Multimedia Keys
Fix Speed from Distance tool
Delete Athlete now supported
Settings stored in athlete folder config directory
Bugfix merge of hrm and gpx
Mass update metadata with set, isset and unset commands
Add a Derive Distance tool (from GPS position)
Read R-R data from polar hrm files
Add User parameters for Bike Weight and CRR to Power Estimation Tool
Multiple fixups for DataFilter expressions and precedence logic
LTM Filter for a curve
Rename Route

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