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Strava mapping tip

Posted July 21, 2015 05:17PM by Skye in the Cycling Forum

Skye Skye Nott
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When I'm creating a segment on Strava, I like to get the start and end points as accurate as possible. However, I was finding you can only zoom in so far on the map until I discovered this trick. Here's the max zoom by default, which is really coarse:

For more precision, go up to the Map menu, and uncheck the Terrain option:

Now you're using the plain street map and you can zoom in super close to get those segment markers in just the right spot!

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strava-map-max-zoom-default.jpg 35 KB open | download
strava-map-terrain-control.jpg 35.5 KB open | download
strava-map-max-zoom-terrain-off.jpg 14.5 KB open | download
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