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First ride up to Capilano Lake

Posted March 08, 2015 02:36PM by Skye in the Cycling Forum

Skye Skye Nott
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Ride report - Took my MTB up Keith Road into Capilano River Park for the first time, rode the Capilano-Pacific trail (more of a road) most of the way up with a few side trips on the Shinglebolt trails to remind myself how bad I am at steep singletrack. The park was deserted, being a weekday, so I pretty much had the place to myself. Nice climb up to Capilano Lake and across the Cleveland Dam, then down past the hatchery and camp, and along the pipeline back to the park entrance. Nice ride, I'll have to get over to the North Shore and do more exploring.

Too bad all the area north of there is a closed watershed, maybe there's something to ride if you follow Nancy Greene Way (that ends at the Grouse Mountain parking lot and the Baden-Powell crosses there) or Glenmore Drive on the other side. I'll have to check out some heatmaps or popular segments in that area?


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