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Fast Lane for Pedestrians

Posted November 06, 2015 06:08PM by Skye in the Other Sports

Skye Skye Nott
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Liverpool is trying out a dedicated lane for fast walkers this week.
Or is it really a normal lane plus a slow lane for people staring at their phones??

NY Times: Fast Lane for Pedestrians? A City Dweller’s Dream

"A popular British retailer said it would designate a strip of sidewalk in front of its Liverpool store specifically for fast walkers, that uniquely urban breed of pedestrians who silently fume over the ambling gaits of those in front of them.

The one-week experiment, which began Monday, is a marketing ploy by the retailer, Argos. But it has awakened the imaginations of many disgruntled fast walkers, leading some to express the hope on social media that fast lanes would pop up in their cities, too."

It would certainly cut down on my having to yell HOLD YOUR LINE at people zig-zagging around on the sidewalk while I'm trying to pass on the left (only joking.....)

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