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Bike Registrations open for the 4th Annual Halloween Techno Zombie Geo Cache Hunt! in Palatine - October 27, 2018

Posted October 26, 2018 02:52PM by Barb in the Cycling Forum

Barb Barb S
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The 4th annual Halloween Techno Zombie Geo Cache Hunt! in Palatine takes place this coming Saturday (tomorrow!) between 9am and 7 pm.
We have great bicycle routes all over Palatine. Different challenge levels. From super easy and short, to long and extreme.
While Palatine, IL is not known for having mountains and rugged terrain, we do have a few zombies in the game, as well as 110 locations to find and even a haunted house. There is an awards celebration after the game with food, music and prizes.
This is still a growing game so there are not thousands of bicyclists riding around. The game can be started, stopped, and re-started at your own time. The clock does keep ticking though if you are competing for a prize.
Here is the link to more information and ticket purchases: http://www.halloweentechnozombiegeocache.com

The Halloween techno Zombie Geo Cache Hunt! is an all ages family friendly scavenger hunt that uses digital and traditional technology to send players into local participating businesses for an interactive fun activity (they are NOT allowed to sell you anything or try to entice you to sign up or register to get you to come back), and also has the players do light community service work en route.

You can also register and buy a ticket in advance on Bikereg.com. If you do so today between 3pm and 5pm (CST) on bikereg.com you can get $1 off the ticket price.
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